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Microsoft custom expo booth in Canberra

Client Details

How it all started

Best Case Scenario first approach UCON for just walling, one of their primary clients (Microsoft) was looking for some sort of portable walls (which has the flexibility to be moved around and interchangeable graphics as required). They gave us the brief and we responded back to them quickly with a couple of options. Long story short, Best Case Scenario was very happy with the way we were able to provide visual images for them present to their client, they were also very satisfied with the way we communicated and responded to any questions they had  throughout the process. The final product was executed as expected and with no surprises at the end, all parties were happy with a successful first project. 


Best Case Scenario then approached UCON again to see if we had hired options for a small booth at UTS – again we quickly drew out some options and offered some pricing along with it, they managed to win that job as well (this was Microsoft 4×2 at UTS). Then we quickly started to get some bigger projects from BCS, it evolved from simple booths to full custom booths with events happening in different states. From there, we have developed a very strong working relationship with Best Case Scenario, we are both on the same page with priorities and we have proven to them that we can get the job done, without any issues. 


Unfortunately, there was a slow down in 2019 with covid-19 (which impacted the whole exhibition industry) – we are confident the exhibition industry will pick back up and we look forward to collaborating many more projects with Best Case Scenario.

Microsoft 6x6

Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) – Canberra 2019

Microsoft trade show booth in Canberra

Project Brief

Microsoft was sharing this booth with their partners, so part of the brief was to split the space so they could share the booth with their partners. They provided us a reference image of something similar they’d like to achieve with the timber which gave some warmth to the overall stand. We took that and developed it to fit all their necessary components of the booth to make it as functional as possible while at the same time creating visual interest which aligned with their brand guidelines to attract customers to their booth. 



How we achieved it

  • Raised Flooring to conceal all cabling and avoid any trip hazards, this provided a professional end product. 
  • Angled positioning of partner stands to create visual interest.
  • Sanded timber pine slats to create warmth and visual depth. 
  • Roll painted wall flats to keep costs low and emphasise their clean branding. 
  • Large vinyl graphics to show Microsoft products in action. 
  • Collaborated with our local builders in Canberra to keeps costs down.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft 9x6

International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) – Melbourne 2019

Microsoft IMARC Stand in Melbourne MCEC

Project Brief

Due to the larger booth size and the island configuration (4 side open), it was critical to make sure Microsoft was identifiable from all sides. The client also wanted to incorporate several zones into the stand: reception area, lounge area, HoloLens area, space for their train model and space for their hub – with all these spaces in mind they also wanted to keep the booth as open as possible. 



How we achieved it

  • Raised Flooring to conceal all cabling and avoid any trip hazards.
  • Charcoal carpet tiles on top which provides a softer surface to walk on and to contrast to emphasise their Microsoft branding.
  • Elevated central tower for branding and double up as a storage room – keeping the outer areas as open as possible.
  • Roll painted finish to keep costs down and to keep finishes consistent and clean. 
  • Functional zones are located on the perimeter of the booth to maximise view angles.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft 6x2

MAV Technology Conference – Melbourne Marvel Stadium – 2021

Microsoft MAV 6x2 Booth in Melbourne Marvel Stadium

Project Brief

Microsoft booked a small 6×2 space and wanted to make the most out of it, while wanting to highlight different products on their own individual plinths. This booth was fabricated just before the event got postponed due to covid-19, therefore it was stored for several months until the event was safe to proceed. 


How we achieved it

  • Raised Flooring to conceal all cabling and for a professional finish.
  • Back wall in full vinyl graphics to maximise branding presence and visual interest.
  • Hierarchy TV placement, which opens up space to work with the wall graphics and branding.   
  • Maximised product plinths with custom wall mounted plinths on wall sides. 
  • Central reception desk as first point of contact to control traffic flow. 
  • Utilised our local team in Melbourne team for onsite works to reduce costs to client.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft Walls 5x4

Microsoft Corporate Office – Sydney CBD – 2019

Microsoft portable walls for their office in Sydney CBD

Project Brief

This was our very first project with Best Case Scenario for Microsoft, they required portable walls which had the flexibility to move the walls and interchangeable graphics. We started off by presenting the different options they wanted to look at and the pricing involved. The visual images we provided really helped with their understanding of how the finish product would look and ultimately informed of the most suitable option to proceed with. 


How we achieved it

  • Lockable wheels under the walls with platforms for mobility. 
  • Velcro with PVC Panels for interchangeable graphics.
  • Provided production drawings and imagery to ensure client fully understood our proposal as a final product. 
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft 4x2

Miscellaneous Conferences – Sydney – 2019

Microsoft Misc booth at Sydney CBD

Project Brief

Microsoft wanted to have a presence at several smaller events which were located in various venues such as UTS and hotels throughout Sydney. We had a mixture of hired items and custom fabricated items to make it as cost effective as possible for them while maintaining a professional finish.


How we achieved it

  • Mixture of hired and custom components to keep costs low, but for maximum value. 
  • Utilised full graphic back walls for artwork for maximum visual impact and overall clean finish. 
  • Custom natural oak lockable plinths as unique display pieces for Microsoft hero products. 
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft 6x3

Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) – Canberra 2019

Microsoft ALGA 6x3 custom booth in Canberra

Project Brief

The location of this booth has only one side open, this made it critical to ensure the booth layout is as user friendly as possible. This booth configuration becomes a challenge if there are too many products on display, Microsoft played it smart and kept product display to minimum so that visitors primarily focus only on the one or two hero products on display without getting distracted by a tight enclosed space.  



How we achieved it

  • Maintained an overall white finish to enhance a more open environment and make the booth seem larger.
  • Carpet tiles to maximise floor space (raised floor would cut in 100mm). 
  • Highlight back wall with full height vinyl graphics as a visual anchor with the largest surface area. 
  • Vinyl graphics with matte lamination for premium effect and minimise glare and reflections due venue lighting.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Microsoft 6x3

RegTech – Sydney 2019

Microsoft Regtech visual rendering

Project Brief

Due to covid-19, this event was also cancelled therefore we did not get to build it onsite – but all components were already fabricated and ready to go. Similar to the brief for the MAV Technology Conference, Microsoft booked a 3 side open booth and wanted a plinth to highlight each of their products plus a workshop table which they can use for discussions and display some promotional cups on the side. 



How we achieved it

  • Raised Flooring to conceal all cabling and avoid any trip hazards.
  • Positioned the plinths in a staggered layout to create depth and provide sufficient spacing for movement. 
  • Customised the workshop table with small shelves which provided space to display promotional cups. 
  • Utilised the large surface area of the back wall with full vinyl wrap graphics to maximise visual impact. 
  • Integrated lockable doors for storage.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

Fabric Displays


Microsoft Fabric Counters for event

Project Brief

Microsoft was looking to attend multiple smaller events to market their “Microsoft Teams” app and required branded stands. Best Case Scenario provide us a list of items they were looking to order in a tight timeframe, so we suggested to go with tension fabric components which we can turn around quick and can be installed by their own staff (eliminating the requirement of booking in builders to do the install and dismantle) – not to mention they can come with carry bags so can be easily reusable for future events.


How we achieved it

  • Offered to mass produce tension fabric components to fit the timeline and cost constraints.
  • Shipped it to each venue, components are easy enough for their staff to install and dismantle to save costs.
  • Coordinated with BCS to ensure all components get delivered on time and at the right place.
  • Preassembly in factory to ensure everything works and will run smoothly onsite.

"What a joy it is working with UCON. As an Event Management Agency, they provide excellent designs and builds that exceeds our clients expectations - everytime."





We always welcome collaboration with event agencies and we have worked with many in the past – working with Best Case Scenario is one of our highlights as we have developed a common ground between us and has streamlined a productive workflow which enabled us to power through each year with more and more projects together. Regardless if you are an event agency or direct business owner, feel free to reach out to us at UCON Exhibitions and we would be delighted to discuss how we can work on future projects together so we can both grow. 


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