How To Choose The Best Location For Your Stand?

How to Choose the Best Location for your Exhibition Stand?

Whether it is your first time exhibiting or your fifth event, picking the right exhibition stand location is critical. Different locations will offer different advantages with the important factors being foot traffic, visibility, and lead generation. Beware there are also locations you’d want to avoid too, and we will run through the different scenarios for you so have the knowledge to tactically approach the best stand location to suit your primary objectives and priorities for your next event.  

Explore the Exhibition Layout

Every exhibition has a different approach to the way how they arrange their layouts, this means it is very important to make sure you obtain the floorplan for all areas and review them properly. There are certain locations to keep an eye out for such as entrances/exits, bathrooms and cafes because the location of these will play apart of people movement within the venue.

Entrances and Exits

It is worth taking note of entrance and exit location because they are where most of the foot traffic flow will go. Being located right in front the entrance does not necessarily mean you will get the most visitors to your stand; people will tend to initially see the first booth then decide on which way they want to go and during this decision-making process there is a high chance they may get distracted by seeing another eye-catching stand and go there instead. Imagine walking all day around the venue, you would just want to go home and relax, and the exit is what you’d be looking for – if you a booth located near the exit, you will get foot traffic but most of that has the intention of leaving well before they even reach your booth so try to avoid those locations if possible. 


The bathrooms are another location where you would consider not being to close to because as you can imagine there will be people going in and out and it visually would not be appealing for your visitors to see when your team is trying their best to create an enjoyable experience for your customers. Depending on the venue, you may also end up hearing the bathroom doors constantly opening and closing or the air hand dryers turning on and off – this can turn off a lot of your visitors as they get distracted and become eager to leave as quick as possible. 


Cafes are areas where people want to relax and eat, so if your booth is located within the vicinity of a café, especially if your visitor has visual path directly to a café, they can easily get distracted and want to head towards it to satisfy their cravings rather than giving you 100% attention when you are trying to talk to them. Cafes will also tend to be rather noisy as people are gathering and enjoying a meal discussing about their experience at the event – this again can be another distraction as it will require your team to speak louder to communicate to your clients. 

Identify Best Spots

To define what is the best exhibition stand location for you, it will be based off what your goals are for each event. Are you just looking to get as much visual exposure as possible or are you looking to maximise the amount of foot traffic entering your booth or perhaps it is more about getting a quiet location so that your visitor does not get distracted by noise, then you can have their full attention as you engage in conversation? We will run through each scenario and suggest which location is best suited respectively.    

Best for Getting Noticed

If you are wanting to have as many people as possible to visually identify your booth (maximise exposure and visibility) then you’d want to choose a exhibition stand location close to the main entrance because this is primarily where everyone starts their journey and have no choice but to see the first stand as they enter the venue. If you do choose this location, it is important that you utilise height and go at least 3m high your booth covers as much of your visitor’s vision as possible (as a visitor sometimes further back, your vision may get blocked by crowds and others who may be taller than you).

Best for Pulling Traffic

Pulling traffic is where you want your visitors to enter your booth so that your staff has the opportunity engage into a conversation with them, for this to happen it requires a consistent flow of traffic. The best exhibition stand location where you will get this is in the main aisles, typically there are wide and narrow aisles within the floorplan so if you are able to identify which is which then make sure your booth is located along the wider aisle. The reason for this is because wider aisles give more space for people to manoeuvre comfortably and as a result will increase foot traffic naturally. Instinctively these wider aisles also lead to key points of interest so they are popular routes that most visitors will take.

Best for Quiet Conversations

For some exhibitors, it is more important to find an exhibition stand location which is more secluded and less noisy so your prospects can give you 100% of their attention as your team engage in conversations with them. This means you require a location with less foot traffic and will be located a bit further away from the central area where all the action usually is. Secondary aisles are where you’d want to keep an eye out for and these are usually located closer to the end walls of the venue, so if you don’t want to avoid the distraction of other people’s conversations then you can consider looking for a booth location along the secondary aisles.

Pick High-Traffic Junctions

Expo venue filled for custom booths and crowds everwhere

If you are looking to maximise on both visibility and foot traffic, then you’d typically be looking at the central point of the floorplan as your exhibition stand location and are most likely going to be island configurations (4 open sides). These offer unique situations where you are surrounded by high-traffic intersections at each corner of your stand. This makes it very important to ensure you choose the right stand design that implements a suitable layout within your booth allowing smooth movement without bottlenecking (this makes it difficult for other visitors to enter your booth). You’d also want to make sure integrate your key messaging, signage and custom product displays near each entrance point as visual anchors to attract visitors to enter your booth. 

Stay Away from These Spots:

Apart from the prime exhibition stand location for an event, there are also less-desirable locations that you’d want to consider avoiding as they would do more harm than good for your participation at the event.

Too Remote

These are areas act as dead zones and are typically located near the corners of the venue and are areas that take the most effort to reach. Why you should avoid these areas is because by the time visitors reach these remote areas, they would have approach several stands already, and their energy would’ve already been spent on the earlier booth they visited so they would be less inclined to engage any further for the day. Even within the vicinity of remote areas, those locations will generally seem less crowded, and your customers can see this from a distance and may not even both to head towards that direction.

Too Crowded

Having crowds are great, but you’d want to be careful not to be in an area which will have too many crowds because this will just end up as people blocking the view of your booth (even if you have a nice open booth). These areas tend to be right at the entrance of the event and around sponsored areas where people congregate to network and watch performances etc. These distractions will affect your prospects attention span and make it difficult for your team to converse effectively. 

Too Close to Competitors

Being too close to competitors means that your clients can directly see your competitor’s booth when they are standing in your booth. Why this is unfavourable is because they can visually see that there is booth of interest they want to check out once they leave your one, they may even get distracted by your competitor’s booth because there is more activity on it or just have a better-looking customised expo booth than yours. If there is no choice, try to select a location that does not give your customers a direct view into your competitors’ booth so that they can give you their full attention while your team does their magic.


To conclude, now you will have enough insight for you make an informed decision for your ideal exhibition stand location, remember at the end of the day it comes down to what you want to achieve by exhibiting at the event – once you have sorted that part out, it will help define your decision-making process for other things also because after you book your booth location you will need a custom exhibition booth. That is where UCON Exhibitions comes in, we are experts in this industry and are ready to make you shine. Speak with our friendly team today and find out what we can do for you.

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Stand Builders

Our Team of experienced project managers and builders are ready to turn your vision into reality

Custom Stands

A custom built stand is always on brand. Be memorable. Be yourself. Be successful at any event

Stand Design

Creative Design Solutions for you to capture the Right Audience with Maximum Visual Appeal

Modular Booths

Turnkey and Tool Free - Ask about a portable stand, designed for easy transport and assembly


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