Best Exhibition Stand Equipment for Hire

Best Exhibition Stand Equipment For Hire

There are a variety of useful exhibition stand equipment you can hire and typically the reason you would hire is because of its temporary short-term use – you only need it for that 3–4 day event and after that it is not required. This can save you a lot of costs and headaches, otherwise you would have to research which product to purchase and whether it is compatible with other components in your booth then figure out its logistics, where you are going to store it after the event etc. Compared to hiring, where your hired items will just show up before your event starts and gets taken away right after, maximum convenience (especially after a tiring 3-4 day event, you would not want to hang around).

Being involved in the exhibition industry has exposed us to all the possible types of items you could hire and our intention here is to share some ideas with you, along side with any helpful tips so that you can be more prepared with your expo planning and budgeting. Below are some products you can consider hiring for your next trade show booth.


Exhibition Equipment for Flooring

To start off, hiring the flooring can be a hit a or miss component because these typically get reused frequently and from time to time there will be certain floor tiles that will look worn out or not as “new” as you would like, but that is one of the consequences you’ll have to learn to accept and that would be one of the primary reasons why hiring comes out more cost efficient when compared to purchasing new.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the most popular and cost efficient flooring types you can hire, and they typically come in the primary colours such as black, red, blue, and charcoal. These simply get stuck using double sided tape directly onto the venue concrete flooring, so be aware that your cabling will be exposed or it can be covered with a Velcro carpet over the top. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass are great for softening up your booth space and for adding that splash of colour. They can be used either on the floor or the wall and comes in a variety of styles whether it is just grass or with additional artificial plants integrated into it.


Raised flooring can come in either melamine tiles or carpet tiles and is also another popular option if you want more a premium looking booth and they function great where you want to conceal all your cabling under the floor. The edges of the floor will be capped off with aluminium edge ramps, so visitors do not trip when they step onto the raised surface. 

Audio Visual

Audio visual equipment hire are great because they can come with onsite support – imagine if during the event your touchscreen suddenly stops working, a technician would turn on site and troubleshoot this problem and fix it for you. If you did not have this support, you could end up the rest of the event not being able to utilise the screen anymore and we have heard stories of this happening before. If you are really looking to save costs, the only audio visual equipment we could suggest purchasing yourselves would be only iPads and normal TV screens.

TVs/Video Walls

TVs can come as single screens either wall mounted on to a TV stand and for Video Walls, these are multiple screens combined to make one big screen (for example 4x 55inch screens configured into a square to make one large image, this setup will result in a gap of approx. 10mm between each screen). The other option is to go with LED Video Walls which is explained below.

LED Video Walls

If you are after seamless joints, this would be the option you could consider – these are made up of LED panels which are roughly 250mm x 250mm and can be configured to any size you want. They come in different pixel panels, the smaller the pixel means the higher the quality of image output and higher the cost, but a very professional finish.


Projectors work great in a low light scenarios, rather than using a fixed TV screen you can project onto different large flat surfaces, you can even combine multiple projects to create large screen.

Touch Screens

For some businesses it is essential to have a least one touch screen on the booth as that would be one of their primary methods of letting visitors interact with their product or service. It is useful to note that you will require space to connect a minicomputer to run the touchscreen. Touch screens work well either wall mounted or on an angular plinth – if you get a large enough screen, it is a great way to catch attention and get people to visit your booth. 


Computers and Ipads may seem like items you can simply bring yourself to the event, which you can – but let’s say you are travelling interstate and don’t have any one to help you, it would be a big inconvenience to carry those items to the expo and back after the event. You could save your time and energy by focussing on your game plan for the event rather than wasted on logistical challenges.

VR/AR Stations

Whether or not your business relies on VR/AR Stations, these are a very effective item that you could hire. Visitors get drawn to new and interactive technologies, having this added to your booth creates excitement and fun. You could simply just have a game and the winner gets a prize – this gives you a great chance to informally interact with your clients which may potentially lead to a sale.

Sound Equipment

Hiring some strong sound equipment can be a very powerful tool to attract visitors and to create a presence. Your visitors could be on the other side of the event and suddenly hear acoustic dominance, they won’t be able to see what it is, then would naturally be intrigued to find out what it is. These can be either in the form of music or simply just vocal communication.


Lighting setup of ucon exhibitions

Lighting is one of those exhibition stand types of equipment that can be easily missed or forgotten at events, and it is not until you are at the event and realise why your booth seems so dark compared to others. We have an extensive collection of Event Lighting equipment options to run in events. There are some very simple and quick methods to change that.


Armlights are the most cost-effective lighting you can hire, they are simply attached onto the top of your wall and connected to a power source. They are standalone components which means, worse case scenario on the day you realised you don’t have lighting, there is a high change you can hire this from your stand builder etc.

Flood Lights

Flood lights operated like arm lights; the only difference is that they can have a high-power output which makes them brighter. Physically, these do not have an extended arm, which means it may cause “hot spotting” due its proximity with the wall – unless you can position flood lights a bit further away. Typically, flood lights are used on rigged trusses – because of their additional power output, this strategy can be used to brighten up your booth from above.

Moving Lights

If executed correctly, moving lights could be a great addition to your booth because these have the added feature that will allow them to move. You can even control its movement so you can move them a specific way to direct your visitor’s attention to certain elements at a certain time. These lights also come in different colours, which makes it a neat method to add and change colour to your booth on the spot.


Different examples of expo prop hire

Do you have an empty space in your booth and not sure what you should do with it? You could consider add a prop! These are great for generating excitement and interest which makes visitors curious to find out more what it is all about, could it be that one thing you have not tried before?


If you have a relatively large open space, you could look at positioning a life-sized car as a prop. Depending on the type of business you are looking to generate and the type of event you are exhibiting, people love to take photos with props. They will share the photos, then one thing leads to another you’ve gained free exposure.


People relate to things they have seen before, having some sort of life-sized statue instantly generates adrenaline and acts as magnetic that draws people to your booth. It could either be something very old school for the older generation or something super new and futuristic that can excite all generations.


Games are not only a great way to attract people to your booth, it also acts as a platform for you to informally interact with your client on a less serious level and help you build a connection with them. The excitement of potentially winning a prize. Examples of games can include competitions, prize wheels, mini gold, etc.


Different examples of trade show furniture

Furniture is one of the more popular exhibition stand equipment you can hire which can affect the performance of your booth – visitors and staff would be on their feet the whole day and having something comfortable to sit on and rest can work wonders to relieve that stress. Furniture hire is effective for creating zones, bar stools and bar tables are great for quick informal conversations – then you could have an office chairs and meeting room desk for more formal activities.

Tables & Chairs

Sit down chairs and tables allow are useful for discussions that may take a while, it gives a chance for your client to relax and take time to digest the information you are giving them. The large table surface also allows you to conveniently share paperwork or your laptop for explaining things to your client.

Bar Tables & Stools

If you are tight on space, then bar table and stools are a great option to still offer seating and a tabletop to display brochures etc. Because of the height of the barstools, these tend to be for shorter discussions as the stools makes it easy to hop on and off – if you are not looking for visitors to hang around on your booth for too long, this could be the option for you.

Lounges & Ottomans

Want to offer a space for your visitors to really relax and get comfortable? Then creating a lounge space with lounges and ottomans would do just that, it mimics a home environment where people can relate to and let their guard down as they relax. This offers a great chance to speak with your clients in a less serious environment.


Appliences needed for different exhibitions

Adding appliances to your booth allows you to be much more accommodating to your visitors, you can easily offer them something to drink from the fridge or even whip up something quick like a toast. It may not be much, but imagine walking around the whole day and speaking with numerous suppliers – they can easily be overwhelmed and having some sort of hospitality goes a long way to help them recollect their thoughts for a more constructive conversation with you. We’ll list some more examples below:


These can be as small as a mini fridge or as big as a full on bar fridge to freezers. Hire a fridge and be in the position to offer your clients a cool refreshing drink to satisfy their thirst, so they can focus on more important business discussions with you. 


Cooking appliances can come in the form of microwaves, kettles, sandwich makers, toasters and even coffee machines etc. Simple household items gives you the flexibility to make something quick on the spot and you might end up being so busy you wont have time to go out for a proper lunch! Its a great chance that allows you to chat with your clients while you casually cook or make a drink.

Air Conditioning

It is not always easy to control the temperature in a large venue to suit everyone and for some, being in an environment which has a comfortable temperature makes a big difference in their decision making process. Rather than it being too hot in the meeting room, you could simply add a portable air conditioning unit for maximum control of the temperature. Your client would appreciate that and they would want to stay there longer and possibly be more willing to discuss proper business with you.


Brochure Holders

Brochure holders can be free standing (such as zig zag brochure holders) or they can also be wall mounted (these come in the form of clear acrylic pouches). If your staff is at capacity and your visitors cannot find anyone to speak with, having these brochure holders in place are great to keep them occupied until someone frees up to make contact with the potential client.

Reception Counters

Reception counters naturally act as the first point of contact, if your visitors want to speak with someone – they would most likely head over to the person behind the reception counter to find out anything specific they are after or check out the brochures at the desk if no one is there. If a staff is specifically stationed there, it acts as a great lead flow so you can track exactly who has approached your stand with an interest to find out more about your product/service.

Shelving Units

If your business revolves around physical products, then hiring a shelving unit/s are critical as part of your sales strategy – especially if you have a lot to display. It is the quickest and easiest way to present your products in a professional manner. Without this, your products would most likely be scattered onto a table which usually looks messy and has a negative first impression. Some shelving units may come with illuminated lighting, these are great for creating that additional layer of visual impact to make your products pop.  

Styling and Theming

Styling & theming on various exhibition

Your booth may look and feel very bare if you do not put enough emphasis on the styling and theming. Having a consistent and identifiable theme gives visitors a quick understanding of the priorities of your branding and business. It will be easy to over do this by adding too much to your booth, therefore it will be wise to be intentionally selective when finalising your exhibition stand design.


These are small items that will help complete the look of your booth, these can come in the form of vases, plinths, props and much more. The goal is to pick the right items and use them in strategic locations rather than spreading them out everywhere. Tip is to try use items that have the same colour scheme as your branding to maintain a consistent appearance.


Fabrics are great for covering larger areas of the booth – if your booth has a lot of sharp and hard edges then adding some fabric will soften it up, examples include rugs, tablecloths, curtains etc. These work well if you are attempting to recreate a home setting, so use it to your advantage.  


There are two types of flowers you can add to your booth, either artificial (so you don’t need to worry about it losing its freshness during the event) or have live plants, these may require some daily watering to keep it healthy. Flowers can either sit in plant pots or into a planter box (these look great if you get a custom planter box made by your stand builder).

Other Attention Grabbers​

3 examples of food carts for trade shows

Give your stand that extra boost by adding attention grabbers to increase interest and win foot traffic to your booth. Some visitors love excitement and want to see something that is out of the ordinary, let’s take a look at other items you could add onto your sales strategy. There are other things you can do to boost your exhibition stand so you can get the most value out of the short event.

Portable Kitchens

Cook up a feast and satisfy your visitors hunger by hiring a portable kitchen, whether you are simply heating up some precooked food or cooking from scratch – the smell would capture your visitors sense if smell and they will naturally move towards your booth to find out what you are serving.

Sampling Stations

Offering taste testers are a quick and easy way to attract visitors, you could hire a branded sampling station to make sure that people remember where they got their delicious sample from. Creating a memorable branded experience is what you’d want so there is no other company your visitors would think of the next they crave for something.

Beverage Carts

These can come in the form of coffee stations or cool drink stations and what better way to attract visitors than coffee itself? If you want to make it a classy experience, you could also hire a barista to go with it so you can serve up some quality coffee for a café-like experience. These work well with any type of booth, it does not necessarily have to be part of your core product or service – it is simply a nice addition to for creating a comfortable environment for people to congregate and relax.


To summarise, hiring exhibition stand equipment are a great way to save costs and headaches of arranging items where it can organised by other parties – so your time and efforts are spent on the game plan for the duration of the event. Hired items are generally reused frequently, therefore its important to be aware that not all hired items will come brand new so set reasonable expectations. Selecting the right hired items is also critical to make sure your brand is perceived the way you want it as it can quickly become overwhelming. Speak with the team at UCON Exhibitions, they have worked in this industry for years and with their extensive event experience, they can offer advice on what you should hire to maximise your returns at your next event!

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