Top Booth Staffing Tips

Here are our top booth staffing tips to help you succeed at expos!

Booth staff at reception desk talking to customer at trade show

Finding the right booth staff is more important than you think, they are the face of your company and everything they say will be on behalf of you and your prospects will base their decision whether or not they will proceed with purchasing off you from their experience with your staff. Scary isn’t it? You can treat your staff as the cornerstone of your custom expo booth, without the right booth staff your booth will tremble (figuratively). But with the right staff, you will be reaping the benefits and increasing your chances of onboarding a tonne of new clients. Are you ready?

Select the Roles

One of our first booth staffing tips is to understand that it is unrealistic to have trained staff that can handle all aspects of trade shows as one staff could be good with one role but no so good at another. Therefore, there should be a division of specific roles so that each staff can focus their energy on that core role and become experts at it – the aim is so that at each stage of a customers journey they are given the best service possible that will increase your chances of conversion.

Crowd Gatherers

Crowd gathers works outside of the stand space, they actively approach your prospects quickly greet them, give them a quick 30 second run down of what your company is about then ask them some brief questions to see if they qualify as someone who is actually looking to make a purchase or are just after free giveaways. 


Hosts refer to your prospects first point of contact as they approach your booth, like a receptionist. Hosts will operate as guides and help address the customers questions by either directing them to the right person to speak to or to offer the right marketing material for them to take away if they are just browsing.

Product Specialists

Once your potential client is qualified as a potential buyer, they can get passed onto the product specialists and these are your staff that knows your products ins and outs, they can answer specific technical questions and are there to put your clients mind at ease if they have any concerns about your products. With in-depth product knowledge, this person should be creating a foundation which satisfies the clients trust and increase their willingness to proceed with a purchase.

Lead Generators/Sales

Lead generators are skilled professionals who are experts at selling your products by presenting a convincing case that will give your potential customers excitement and incentives to make a purchase. Their goal is to qualify attendees and collect data so that if they are not yet able to proceed with a purchase, your sales staff can follow up after the event to try and close the deal.

Screening and Selection

If you have a large team then you should be selective of who you pick for each role, but rather than pick the role which suits a person’s technical skillset, consider giving them a role based on their personality – this will put your staff in a much more comfortable position to execute the role naturally. Then all you need to do is give them some training to ensure they understand all the fundamentals of what they need to do during the event. 


You will be looking at staff who friendly and approachable as a host and for someone who will be looking after lead generation, they must be a people’s person. A lead generators role is not just about being able to list out all the features of your products, it is also about creating an exciting experience for your potential client that makes them want to buy from you.

Training and Preparation

One of the most important booth staffing tips to get right is ensuring your staff is well trained and prepared before putting them out there is critical. Training involves product knowledge, the way you speak to customers, maintaining confidence, using the right body language and knowing when you should move on (some customers might just be there to chit chat and your staff’s goal to ensure all the serious customers are being well attended to). 


Being prepared is making sure that your staff knows what to do in all situations, for examples if they don’t know the very technical details then make sure they have access to an information pamphlet that they could hand over to your client or so they can refer back to it whenever they are not sure of something. Ensure your staff is on the same page as your priorities, what is the first thing they should do once a customer approaches your booth and do they know how to filter out the serious customers etc. Trade shows are only live for a few days, so you’d want to make sure you are making the most out of your b2b event.

Prepare Merchandise and Uniforms

Branded merchandise is a must if you are looking to make sure your prospects do not forget that they have visited your booth once they return back home, the key to merchandise is consistency – make sure all your company expo colours are printed consistently and obvious so they can identify that it is from you straight away (this is how they will remember you). The same goes with uniforms, having branded uniforms makes it obvious to your customers who they should be reaching out to if they need clarification to anything.


Uniforms also gives your booth an overall professional finish as all the colours would tie in together and you’d be able to differentiate customers from your staff effectively. It also makes for a great team photo at the end which also helps your social media exposure as everything will look like it was well though out and executed seamlessly. 

Do a Test Run

Staff training session with two people shaking hands and other colleagues observing

The only way to make sure your staff are up to the challenge is to do a test run, you can do this by doing some role playing within your company. Ask one of your colleagues to act as a customer and ask to prepare them with a list of top 10 common questions to ask your trade show staff and see how they respond with trade show communication skills. 


Remember, preparation is everything so you should make sure you reserve plenty of time for your trade show staff to wrap their heads about their role and each of their responsibilities. They will all need to play their part in order for you to process people flow efficiently and effectively. After this test you should have a clear understanding whether they are ready or area of where they need to improve. Confirmation of their successful performance will give your trade show staff the confidence and peace of mind they are doing the right thing so they can enjoy themselves out there.


Now you are equipped with our top booth staffing tips checklist of what is required to ensure you have the right trade show staff team for your next event. A lot of it comes down to preparation so make sure you do not leave it as a last-minute item on your list! Staffing is only one part of your list of things to do when exhibiting, you will also need a customised exhibition booth to ensure everything is consistent and enticing so it wows your visitors, they will make sure visiting your booth is the first thing on their list. The team at UCON Exhibitions has all the necessary skills to get the job done for you so your time can be reserved to focus on other things such as staff training etc. Remember earlier the better so you don’t need to do any unnecessary last-minute stressing!

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