Our Unique Process of Building an Exhibition Stand

Our Unique Process of Building an Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions and trade shows, irrespective of whether they are in the B2B or B2B space, offer fantastic Return on Investment (ROI) as you cannot replace the valuable information gained directly from your prospective or current clients. When we had to move to virtual options during COVID, we all learned the value of face-to-face interactions that Exhibitions and Shows provide visitors and exhibitors alike.

Determine Your Goal

Keeping your marketing plan in mind, you and your marketing and sales teams can work together to determine the goal of having a stand to achieve your sales targets.

A few ideas to keep in mind:
• Are you launching a product or service new to the sector or industry?
• Are you wanting to gather information?
• What is your ideal customer profile?
• What message do you want your visitors to leave with?
• What actions do you want your visitors to do on your stand?
• Generate sales
• Add to your database
• What is your budget?
• What is your target area?

Keep your goal in mind as your move along and make decisions about what type of stand, staffing requirements, etc. Keep asking yourself, “Will this option serve our goal?” as it’s easy to get carried away with so many available options.

Identify the event to achieve your goal

There are so many events held across the country and globally to select from. Besides the importance of whether your target audience is B2B or B2B, location is crucial, as is volume. Does the event attract your target audience in sufficient numbers to not only achieve your goals but also justify your ROI? What are the logistics with regard to getting the right team as well as any supporting material to the venue?

What goes into Designing a Stand?

There are many elements that go into designing a stand.  For an in-depth understanding, find out more at How to Boost your Exhibition Stand.

Key points to consider are:

How will the design facilitate your goal?

For example, if you are launching a new product, your stand and the activity needs to draw people onto your stand because it’s fun, creative, and inventive and gets the message across quickly.  Experiential marketing in action.

Having an interactive activity encourages people in.  Live demonstrations, T-shirt printing, and games all engage visitors and build up an audience which then becomes its own attraction as people walking down an aisle will wonder why there’s a large audience at a stand.  Fairgrounds use the same principle to get people to try the coconut shy or the shooting gallery.  It also appeals to the competitive streak of most people.  


Corner stands have a premium price because they do work.  It is easier to encourage interaction when you have 2 streams of people walking around your stand; for more tips on location.

Tip:  I’ve judged a B2B financial services show where all the stands were bespoke designs and some of the stands were stand-alone.  However, at least two forgot that people walk around the stand, which means you also need to invest in branding or messaging on the backs and sides in this instance.


Ensure your signage and branding is clear, visible and eye catching.  It needs to work from a distance to catch their eye further up the aisle as well as up close.  

5 Types of Exhibition Stands

There are 5 stand options available:

  1. Pop up
  2. Modular
  3. Shell scheme
  4. Banner
  5. Bespoke design

Pop Up Stands

This system has a frame that is easy to transport and install as they are lightweight and come in different sizes.   The name comes from the frame popping out that locks into place.  The fabric design can either be attached magnetically or with Velcro and can be swapped out easily for different messaging.

Modular Stands

This option is made up of different modules to create a unique stand.  Easy to configure and transport.  Can be an affordable option depending on the modules you select to achieve your goals. 

A point to keep in mind with this option is whether the modules you purchase will require specialized installation.

Shell Scheme

These are purpose-built and made up of panels slotted into an aluminium frame that requires a contractor and usually are part of an exhibition package at an event.  Shell schemes come in 1m wide panel sections. 

There are three methods to attach branding to a shell scheme stand.

  1. The panels can be decorated with vinyl stickers, although check with the event organiser to ensure whether the stand builders they have engaged will allow this option. 
  2. More commonly, you can print your design on fabric that can either be attached using Velcro, or the fabric can be stretched and slotted into the grooves by the stand builder.  This is a cost-effective option as your message can change depending on your marketing goals.
  3. The panels themselves can be printed and then slotted into the shell scheme frame.   However, do take into account storage, transportation, and whether the event organiser will allow it.

Shell schemes are the most popular format used at events as they provide a consistent look and feel that the organiser controls as well as being a cost-effective option.

Banner Stands

This option offers flexibility and is budget friendly.   The choice ranges from cheaper options to more sophisticated ones that lock together to form a cohesive look.  Reconfiguration into different formats to fit the location is relatively easy to install and transport.  Banner stands are a great solution for someone travelling around the country for sales etc.

This option is ideal for non-traditional exhibition spaces such as hotel lobbies and country clubs and is also mall friendly.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke stands allow your imagination to run riot. Do you want to make a statement, be interactive, and go beyond the parameters of a square or rectangle? Bespoke stands can also be built to be higher than one floor. The quality of materials is your choice and is only limited by budgeting constraints.

However, be realistic and check what the parameters are for the venue i.e. height restrictions, weight and also whether 3-Phase electricity is available if required and if there are extra associated costs etc.

One way that makes bespoke design worth the investment is when visitors take selfies on your stand, reference your stand in their social media postings, etc. They are engaging with your brand or product and identify with it sufficiently to share it with their network.

How to Organise a Modern Exhibition Stand that Engages Visitors

We touched on some aspects to consider, such as live demonstrations, but here are a few tips on other ideas to engage more visitors and encourage them to your stand.

In a B2B Show, you can use speed networking sessions.  These are excellent if you’ve reached out earlier to current clients.  They will like the opportunity to network, even with the competition. It also provides a space for potential clients that you can pre-invite to find out more about your company from existing customers.  So much more powerful.

If you don’t want to be so formal, you can provide a meeting space for visitors to the Show to use on your stand.  Place signage showing that it’s free to use for anyone wanting a quiet space for a meeting.  At large corporate shows, this is a premium requirement in demand but not usually catered for.  By filling the gap, you encourage people onto your stand who may not have thought of coming and create a link between a good experience and your brand.

A great way to get people onto your stand is food.  The smell of popcorn and coffee entices people to your stand.  Another is a charging station.  With all that social media interaction, phones quickly run down. 

How UCON builds your Stand?

UCON’s approach is customer centric.  We are driven by working together to bring a turnkey solution to bring the many facets that go into making your stand solution the best it can be.

We sit down with your team to understand what your goals are and how you aim to achieve them using the stand as your vehicle.   We will advise what works best given our years of experience ensuring you don’t make costly mistakes during manufacture.

Our design team then renders up a design of what the stand will look like to give you a visual idea of what your design will look like depending on the type of stand selected.

Once the design is complete and you are happy, we will ask you to sign off the design to allow us to cost it properly.  This will take branding and signage requirements into account.  

Our team ensures that your branding and signage are complimentary to your stand design and that your selected solution is delivered of high quality. 

We communicate with your team during the manufacturing process to ensure that we are on track and that any changes made have been costed and signed off before being implemented.

Installation of your Stand

UCON ensures that the stand solution you have designed on the build day is delivered on time.  And of course, we will also ensure your stand break down is done and that materials that need to be reused are kept and returned to you.

What to find out more about Exhibition Stands?

Underpinning all the above is how well your project manages your team and suppliers to achieve your goals.

Start the process by determining what system the event organiser will allow on their show.   Sometimes they only allow shell schemes; others will allow combinations of bespoke and other options. 

From there, your next step would be to engage UCON as your preferred stand professionals.  With over 25 years of experience and expertise and with a 5 Star Google rating from suppliers, we will assist you in selecting the best design and solutions to achieve your goals.

We look forward to helping your team make your exhibition solution stand out from the competition.

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